Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Video Creation Project


For our last and final project in Art 381, We were to create our own mini game using the program Unity. 

There were no real protocol in creating a game so I decided to be ambitious and create a 3D game.It was definitely a serious project and I learned that a team of one person wouldn't be enough to create a legit game with NPC, Quests, etc. However it was definitely an awesome project to overcome and this is something I can see doing as a job or even just for fun.

For my game, I started out as just trying to get acquainted with the Unity program. I had access to 3D modeling, scripting, and creating a whole universe. 

It is definitely important to stay organized when creating a project. I easily got lost sometimes trying to create simple objects such as cubes and spheres. 

After getting the hang of what I was doing (especially after the long hours of viewing tutorials) I started experimenting with the world and how I can interact with it. I knew I wanted some sort of content but with such a vase base I just didn't know where to start. I decided to just keep playing with Unity and found out how to create terrain and landscapes. It was then that I wanted to form my game. My main inspirations came from the game Alice: Madness Returns. I was thinking that maybe I would have my main character go from chaos into nature. If you were able to listen to the music I incorporated in each level, It would go from busy type music to a more calm one. 

My first stage, I felt, depicted a sort of chaotic world where people can explore and learn the controls. A sort of tutorial. It had no texture just an empty sort or world where my character questions the world around her.

My next level got more detailed with textures and trees and I wanted it to seem that the world was splitting apart and becoming something more.

My final level was a full blown terrain that had my character spawn in a little village. I toiled in scripting just so that I can have an NPC give her a quest of sorts but I just wanted the player to be able to explore such an amazing landscape.

Although my game felt unfinished, if given a bit more time I would have been able to create something beautiful and meaningful. My full story would have been my main character, Cyanie, entering a coma which placed her in a chaotic world. Her quest was to learn that she had been in an accident and to leave the world to get back to reality but along the way she would discover that the chaos of her city life didn't compare to a world of nature. If I was given more time this project could have been epic but I think, for as far as I got, I accomplished a lot. 

This project was definitely a great one! 

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