Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Andy Diaz Hope and Jon Bernson: Beautification Machine

Christian Aranas
Art 381
Joseph Delappe

I went to go check out the Beautification Machine the other day at the Nevada Museum of Art. It was definitely an experience and I recommend people come check it out. I didn’t expect much from such and exhibition because the entrance wasn’t appealing. In fact, I almost didn’t find it until I had asked a curator. The entrance to the piece was down a hall that lead to an office so of course no one would walk down that direction. Maybe it was part of the exhibition to hide the entrance, I don’t know.
Anyway, As I continued through the doorway which was covered by a black cloth (also gave me reason to believe that this wasn’t the exhibition) I was enveloped by darkness. I continued forward and to the left and out of nowhere a magnificent sight of colors exploded before me. It was like putting light through a crystal and everywhere I looked were prismatic colors playfully dancing along the walls.
At first glance, It seemed to me that this crystal protruding in the middle of the room was like something from a movie. As if Maleficent herself would step out of the darkness and ask the mirror who was the fairest in the land. Taking a closer look, I believe the artist designed it as such. There were mirrors within it and disco ball of sorts spinning in the middle of the construct. I found it quite alluring just being within the room due to all the colors.
I then noticed that colors weren’t just colors but snippets of news broadcast. That was quite interesting and really made an impact on the piece. As if the world suddenly broke and the news was trying to tell it in pieces. It kind of reminded me of Tony stark in marvel talking to his computer.
This piece reminded me of a kaleidoscope on the wall with all the colors and I thought it was a very interesting use of mirrors and projection. The music made it seem as if I was in a different dimension or like I stepped into a Doctor Who episode, maybe even star trek. I also enjoyed the movement of the disco ball to give it the impression of being within a circle of news.
This art was amazing and would definitely recommend others to partake in its magnificence. My take on it, is that the artist wanted us to be within the news and experience it all around. It touched upon sight, sound and even touch. It was a pretty amazing experience. The funny thing about this art was one of the viewers who had walked in talking aloud “This would be epic if I was on drugs.” Also giving the idea that digital art and becoming a real thing in the world of festivals and such for those who enjoy a bit of drug use.

All in all, definitely an awesome exhibition!

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