Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mario in Real Life Project

Shy Guy Surprise!

For our Second Project, we were to live action role play a game as a whole class. I thought that this project was one of the best ones that we did. The process took longer than we thought but I think our class did a pretty great job. As a whole we decided that Mario party would be the best game to bring to life since it had it's individual mini-games we could work on. My team consisted of Emma Brook, Mitch Murway, and Becca Day. We worked well together in creating our Mini-game called Shy Guy Surprise. As with our last project, we had to incorporate some type of issue that society has faced to create a greater impact if random people played or watched as others played. Our game dealt with School Shootings. We were to also cosplay during this live action role play and so we had created wearable 3D models of mario characters through a folding program called Pepakura. Here are some pictures of said models.

This picture depicts what we incorporated in our game. It lists as: a mutilated toad, Shy Guy mask, Princess Peach and Daisy crowns, Mario and Luigi hats, a Bowser shell, and a boo cutout for when someone died.

  I was in charge of recreating the princess crowns and it was pretty easy once I got the right pieces together. The most difficult part of this or Pepakura in itself was cutting these pieces out. That was what took the group the longest to do.


These pictures depicted where in the University we had set up our street game so that our peers could either play or observe. It was an effective spot since most people had to go in between buildings to either eat or study therefore pulling in a few people to play our game. I thought that this mutilated toad had brought the curious viewers.

Here are a few pictures of my group and I cosplaying our creation. From top to bottom: Mitch posing as mario whilst holding boo. Emma as a tiny Luigi. Finally, I in the toad outfit.

I thought that this project was way too fun. The concept was easily picked up after a game or two and people found that after understanding our game, they felt worse. I suppose that the story behind what seems like a playful game, impacts society more than we thought. Playing it in real life vs. on a computer device states more unsaid words.

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